Paul Jarrett, Co-Founder of Bulu Box discusses the highest and lowest moments of his entrepreneurial career
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Behind-the-Scenes Video #1

Extended interview with Paul and Stephanie Jarret from the filming of their SPN Startup Story Episode. The co-founders of Bulu Box talk about their explosive growth, their core values, the Lincoln startup scene, “Bang the Drum,” and more.

Behind-the-Scenes Video #2

SPN goes 1-on-1 in an interview with Paul Jarrett, co-founder of Bulu Box after the filming of their SPN Startup Story Episode. Paul talks at length about what it takes to be a tech entrepreneur in the Midwest.

Behind-the-Scenes Video #3

When the 1-on-1 in an interview continues with Paul Jarrett, Paul talks about what we need to do to continue to grow as a community. He also gives his advice to aspiring startup teams in the Midwest on how to get started.